Equity Release
Equity release has become very popular in recent years and at Direct 2 Lender Private Finance we believe its popularity will continue to increase. If you are over the age of 55 then equity release is a way of releasing equity (cash) which is tied up in your home. There are two equity release options available. The first is Lifetime Mortgages & the second is Home Reversion.

Both types of equity release allow you to stay in your home, but unlike Home Reversion a Lifetime Mortgage enables you to retain ownership of your home.

At Direct 2 Lender Private Finance you will be given advice from a fully qualified equity release specialist. We are members of the Equity Release Council & believe in their product standards.

With equity release you can safely unlock tax-free cash from your home without the worry of making monthly payments.

The products are very flexible with options to draw a lump sum or regular smaller sums, or a combination of both.

Done correctly an equity release mortgage should have no impact on an individual’s tax position or their state benefits and each case is assessed individually.
Some of the reasons Equity release is used are as follows:
  • To pay off an existing mortgage
  • Help children with deposits to buy their own home
  • To fund home improvements
  • To boost disposable & retirement income
  • To purchase a buy to let property
  • To fund large purchases & holidays
  • To assist children with school and university costs
Equity Release is Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority